Saturday, May 03, 2008

The weekend has arrived! This was my first morning of not being in our shop and it has already made such a wretched morning routine into a blissful one.

I slept in my chair last night for a couple of hours and then toddled off to bed where I slept another 4 hours! I went to bed last night knowing I would not be required in the shop in the mornings and I'm certain that contributed to my restful sleep. I'd forgotten what it was to sleep in our bed with the comfort of our down duvet and no alarm clock ringing in my ear willing me to get up and at it for another day! I was awake early as if I was getting ready for work....but only needed to get myself ready to face the day. I will not miss those anxious and fretful hours of work/recovery. I do have issues with feeling guilty about the extra workload for hubby and am practicising letting that go!

It isn't exactly a cloudless sky....not sure what the day holds weatherwise. Lots of activity here with the bathroom refit and my decluttering and reorganizing. I love spending time in our home and making it a pleasant, clean and welcoming place.

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At 2:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAYYYYY!!! You finally got a good night's sleep! You deserve it for sure girl! Sounds like a lovely morning for sure.


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