Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am thirsting for a fresh understanding of what it is to worship. I am on an important journey, in the midst of lots of emotional and spiritual baggage when what I thought would turn out to be a complete absence of faith is actually evolving into a most precious faith.

I am rediscovering the simple faith I once held as a child and an uncomplicated spiritual adult...the time before spiritual abuse and involvement in a religious cult all but destroyed my life and my sanity. I am in recovery mode and held gently in the arms of a loving God.

This link ( ) to the Taize community expresses better than I can put into words what worship means to me....I thirst for a fresh understanding of what it is to worship....and I believe the answer lies in the article link I've posted.

As this is the day the Lord has made...I will rejoice and be glad in it. Blessings to any readers who may stop by to read. May the heart of God embrace you this day.



At 2:58 pm, Blogger Ouissi said...

Hi Jacquie!!

I'm glad you are on the road to finding your faith again as it seems so important to you...keep going ;)

Ouissi x

At 2:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jacquie - I can really identify with this post. For the past year or two that has been what God is teaching me. Coming from a recent background like you did where church is concerned - I got caught up in the thinking that true worship was always emotional, always exuberant and if I wasn't that all the time during worship, something was wrong. God has used my new church family to re-teach me what worship really is. It's not about me! It's about HIM, always! Yes, sometimes I benefit, and sometimes I'm blessed through it, but my main goal should be to bring HIM praise and to focus on HIM, not solely on myself.

Your friendship, your posts and the conversations we've had have helped to bring this truth home in my own life. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. I look forward to many more journeys together in our life.


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