Monday, April 21, 2008

New prescription glasses are on order! I've been to Specsavers this morning and taken in my newest prescription week I shall be the proud momma of two new pairs of glasses. My only disappointment was the recommendation that I get as large a lens as possible to accommodate the verifocals....and the really trendier/bolder frames all are just a tad too small to take the verifocal lens. I ended up with two nice frames and should be summonsed to pick the finished product up in about a week.

I also bought myself a pretty necklace today. I will do my best to post some photos one day very soon. I am liking the new look Jacquie! And the comments about my hair colouring have been all so very positive :) .

I'll be off to my weekly weigh-in very soon and then it'll be get home and start the dinner.

GOOD NEWS ...... Hubby hired a new part-timer this morning...she does her first shift in our shop tomorrow morning. I will continue to go down and help out for a very brief spell each day (I seem to manage just shy of an hour before my w/d symptoms get the better of me and I depart for my home space). It can take me an hour or more to get myself calmed down after the morning's short shift. Things will look better soon...I'm believing for it.


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