Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shakes continue and I'm learning to listen to my body's needs. Sleep was again elusive and I managed just under 4 hours. Shop staff to replace me will hopefully get sorted this coming week and that should ease the pressure for us all.

Our son, Dave, has been a star in the shop which has been such a help to us. A friend commented to me it was in God's plan for me that Dave should be living with us this day of needing help was coming....makes me feel really loved by my God. :)

I made a batch of sausage rolls for hubby and Dave last night. Tried one for myself and my taste buds have really was much too greasy for my I won't be scoffing those which is a very welcome change to my eating habits!

Fruit scones are on the homebaking list too so I'll be making some of those today. Hubby really likes scones and my last attempt was excellent according to hubby. He enjoys a buttered scone each morning while he writes up the morning papers in the shop and my new-found confidence in home baking is a most welcome addition to my long list of talents! (wink!

I've had another learning curve regarding withdrawal from my anti-depressant....knowledge is a good thing! I will continue the withdrawal on the liquid form of the Seroxat and listen to my body, mind and spirit for clues. Homeopathy may be a route I will take...I'll be seeing my GP about that, hopefully this week. I am feeling positive again after a couple of days of "blips".....

Had some great news this week friend from the Leprosy Mission in Nigeria is returning to the UK this autumn where her doctor-husband will study for a 3 year degree course at Leeds University. We will sure enjoy being this close again..Jannine was a prayer partner with me in our days at Prescot Methodist Church and we've remained fast friends ever since.

Happy Sunday all!


At 6:52 pm, Blogger colinvs said...

Hi Jacquie! I'm glad to see you are still alive and kicking. Did you know that Prescot MC celebrates its centenary next June? Sadly it's also on the point of falling down! Why not drop us a line sometime - we'd love to hear from you!
Love and best wishes,
Colin Smith


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