Saturday, April 05, 2008

I am a most undisciplined blogger...I do apologize! I am so busy reading all the other blogs of my friends and acquaintances and forget to get on with mine. So....

Today I am on the second day of my antibiotics as the doctor has an idea my headaches are due to sinus infection. Already I can feel some relief....the wonder of modern medicines. I am so grateful.

I am getting by on about 5 hours of sleep each night and my body seems to be happy with that! I could never be one to sleep the clock around (unless of course I am ill...then bed is my healer...) and I feel I'm entering that age when I've rolled my eyes listening to older people saying "I just wake up and that's it...a night's sleep is over...and so just have to nap in the afternoon." Oh dear! I fear I am turning into one of those old bores too! (lol)

We had the grandchildren over for hot dog dinner last goodness they are growing up so very fast. I keep expecting our one-year-old grandson to take off walking any day but he's enjoying keeping us in suspense. He's such a cutie and has this tongue-out concentration that makes me laugh...

Our two eldest grandsons (7 & 6 yrs. respectively) are well into "Match Attax" football cards so I can't hide the fact that we sell those in our shop....and the kids are getting to an age they realize that too. No respite for nana and grandpa cards it is.

And the grandaughter (4 yrs.) is into anything pink and glittery...she's such a cutie-pie. Love the bones of her.

So that's the grandids.....Josh, Matty, Iona-Mae and Nathaniel...and of course, there's mom & dad too. Ain't life grand!


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