Friday, September 29, 2006

This has been a busy day.....I have been out shopping with our daughter and the two youngest grandchildren. We visited a continental market in a nearby town and sampled some choice cheeses and specialty cakes. It was raining heavily and the market was outdoors so we didn't browse as long as we'd have liked, had the weather been fine.

Then I was taken shopping to choose something for my birthday gift (I can't say what I chose yet because I'm really not meant to know!!!) Our eldest grandson, Josh, was convinced nana should have a new dress but I declined the offer as I'm not a "dress" person. I love the thought though...isn't it lovely that a young boy of almost 6 yrs. of age could be observant enough to want to give such a nice pressie! :)

After swimming lessons for the two grandsons tonight we all gathered here for a treat of yummy take-away chinese food from a local restaurant. Working in the shop was also fitted in to this busy day...and nana is bushed now...time for bed!

Jane...the book is on order (nice to hear from you!)...thanks for remembering. Things will improve with this depression, given time.


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