Saturday, September 02, 2006

Jane, you replied regarding the excessive cost of activites to accommodate children here in the UK. I totally agree. The cost of amusement parks, zoo/safari parks, museums (public ones are normally free; private ones are not)...and then add into that the cost of any accommodation or food and it makes for a very expensive day out/holiday here.

It is a 6 week period of difficult days for families without the means to travel/visit these attractions. For these families school comes as a welcome addition to their lives....boredom gets less of a hold on their children.

And yes Jane...I love autumn too....the smells, rustling through fallen leaves, the's magic. Now...just have to set aside some time away from the shop on a regular basis to get out there and enjoy it! lol


At 12:38 am, Blogger Jane said...


Any idea what happened to hunnybeez? When I try to get there it redirects me to an msn site.....????


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