Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I've been slightly preoccupied as it's been a bank holiday weekend here in merry old! And now my 'puter is playing up...very slow, jerky movements and it's very frustrating! Not a happy bunny today!

Wow...did we have some heavy rain, thunder and lightening last evening. At least two customers today have told me their family pets were scrambling for cover and still nervous even today....long after the rain et al has subsided. Poor little critters.

There isn't much to blog about atm. I think I'm as tired as my poor laptop**....so please, if you are reading my blog with any anxious thoughts because I'm not adding daily blogspots (if that's what they are called...remember I'm new to all of this hehe), it's only because I'm having a bit of a breather while I await favoured son in law to have a peek (he's a techi-wiz on puters)....he'll have me on track in no time at all!

.....til next time..... (oh, and isn't autumn just around the corner!.....it's "in the air")


** the laptop has taken to halting/jerky movements despite having the hard drive replaced and all appearing back in order only a couple of months back....so it's back to square one again! :(


At 3:48 pm, Blogger Jane said...

Fall is very much in the air here...evenings are chilly and the sun sets at 8:30 now! I do love Fall but this year I am sad that summer is ending!

Our bank holiday weekend is this coming weekend...I love three day weekends.............


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