Sunday, August 27, 2006

I've been AWOL for a day or's Bank Holiday Weekend but being in business we don't know about those! Our staff are off and dh and myself keep things ticking over.

We rewarded ourselves today with a lovely lunch out in Liverpool. We went to an American-style restaurant and had the most delicious New England clam chowder with burgers and coleslaw. It made a nice is ages since we've actually gone out for a meal.

The grandkids have paid us a visit this weekend while mom and dad went out to purchase laminate flooring and paint. Mommy (our dd) is expecting grandchild no. 4 (Jan. '07) and I reckon the nesting instinct has hit!

It's neat to see how the grandkids have such individual interests....did I tell you J is into cars? Well now he's discovered a little grouping of Lilliput Lane cottages I bought at a local thrift shop (some chips, but easily disguised!!). Well he's now in seventh heaven as he's got "scenery" to play with too! Today I went into the dining room and found the cottages all lined up along with a grouping of cars...he must have been disturbed mid-play and didn't get them put away. Bet he had a great time...the evidence tells me that :)

I must get disciplined about adding to this blog regularly....thank you Jane for your kind comments. A regular exciting is that!! hehe



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