Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's been a whirlwind of activity here in nana's place! The grandkids have paid us a visit!

They really are lively. J (5.5 yrs.) has two hollow legs at the moment! He can eat for England...and his sister I (2.5 yrs.) runs a close second on the eating front! M (4.5 yrs.) can pack away a bit too! So nana's food cupboards have been re-organized (and food supplies depleted in the process)....and the grandkids have gone home full...and happy :)

How can 3 children completely empty a toybox in 2 minutes flat, have toys scattered across the whole of the living room and still go to nana's drawers and play with the kitchen spoons, the tinned goods from the cupboards and the wooden salad bowls (a much-forgotten/unused Christmas present from pre-children days) that can be upended to and musical instruments (think drums!). I should add we began with ONE large main salad bowl and EIGHT small individual salad bowls, along with a wooden fork and spoon for serving. We now have 7 small salad bowls, a much-scratched large salad bowl (which I should add is used for a big boat, holding 1 grandchild as that one out!) and 1 spoon. The wooden serving fork has long since been relegated to the rubbish bin having been broken during a rather frisky music-making session....think "drums").

Oh yes....and we had time on nana's laptop (and sitting on nana's chair) viewing pictures of big Canadian trucks and nana and grandpa's wedding in 1971....a time when nana was very much slimmer and grandpa had some hair!! My grandkids enjoy a bit of a cuddle on nana's knee....and I think there will be a day very soon when they will be too old to want this...may that day be long in coming!! Nana loves cuddles :)

Well...that's our Sunday. And....this is a rather long blog entry. I sure hope somebody reads this.....(make a mental note to alert friends/family....carefully selected "friends/family" lol) that I have entered the world of blogging.