Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm wondering.....

Whatever possessed me to begin a blog! It has taken me 35 minutes to actually access this so I could publish another post! I ask there hope for an old lady??? LOL

I've had an upsy-downsy kind of day....just like the weather. I worked a rather long day in our shop due to staff holidays. I worked with our newest member of staff. P and I think a lot alike. This is fun. On the down side I slipped in and out of moments of depression that find me frightenly re-managing my thoughts so I can rise up again. Does that make sense....I wonder???

I also posted on the parenting forum regarding the hotel plunge dad who jumped from his hotel balcony with two of his children....his son died and the dad and daughter survived. The press are saying a combination of alcohol/anti-depressants/marriage difficulties pushed him to the edge....and he carried out the unthinkable. I found most of the other forum posts were very condemning of this dad (rot in jail being a familiar comment). Why, I wonder, do I feel very compassionate towards this man and his family. Why, I wonder, would a "loving dad" carry out this unimaginable act? I'm still wondering.....and I am so sad. On reflection I think this may be the reason for my upsy-downsy day!

Apparently this man has lost 2 brothers to suicide. He still lives and wishes he had died. I wonder....will he live??? I wonder....will he die (he is refusing food/water/pain relief for his injuries) and he wants to die.....I wonder???

I wonder as I wander.......

And another day draws to a close. That will probably be my blog entry for Monday 21st August....except to best friend who resides in Surrey, B. C., Canada is 58 yrs. old today. She's an old lady too....(and for a little more than the next month.....she's a yr. older than me......LOL)...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A WONDERFUL FRIEND, Ann. (((hugs)))


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