Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I have been mulling about what to blog about today (gave it a miss yesterday) know the "flat" place....or maybe I should call it the "grey" place. Having times of slipping in and out of this horrible thing they call "depression". Getting to the why of it all....well, it's just not easy to pinpoint the "launch" incident/timeframe for it to pop up it's ugly head! Grrrr! I've been slipping into this for about 9 or 10 days now....oh that there would be an easy answer to this. Gets very tiring when it keeps resurrecting itself...a very unwelcome guest in my life!

I am skiving in our shop atm; still quiet as the kids are not back into school as yet. So once the workers have all been in for morning papers, cigs, butties etc. things quieten down 'til the holidayers rise from their beds! Oh for a lie-in...this 5am rising for 7 days every week is a bit of a pain! Ignore me...I think I'm tired....oh and did I mention a tad depressed too!

I hope sunshine thoughts return quickly so I can actually add something to my blog that is nice to read...til then...I'll just add those words so often spoken in my homeland (Canada)....HAVE A NICE DAY NOW!

Til next time.....


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