Saturday, September 02, 2006

I've been very slack this week with my blog...apologies if anyone is regularly taking a peek. I'm having one of those horrible kind of "blah" weeks which hit me with too much regularity. I may post about my depression at another time...not feeling in the right space atm to do it now.

Suffice it to say I am getting help through my gp and therapist which, although slow to kick in, I firmly believe issues that have plagued me for all of my life will be looked at a bit at a time and I will learn new ways of dealing with those I can handle and get a handle on coping and not moping for the rest of my life.

My therapist has asked me to think about what really makes me happy? It's troublesome when I think on that....not many answers to take back to him when I go this next week. :(

There is an annual air show taking place not too far from us today and I've just spoken to our daughter as they are preparing to take their children to the's a nasty day weatherwise out there (rain, rain, go away.....come again another day....). I suggested she cut holes for head and arms in black bin bags to go over her two eldest boys as they have outgrown their raingear. Somehow we agreed the boys wouldn't exactly find that very amusing! lol But they're all excited and raring to go. They'll have a fab day and having lunch with her dh's parents and off to the air show.

In the UK....some days you just have to go for matter what the weather!!! Looks like it's rainy season for the foreseeable future...although we keep hoping for an Indian Summer, trying to look on the optimistic side!!!


At 7:35 pm, Blogger Jane said...

Have you read Sarah Ban Breathnach's book 'Simple Abundance....a daybook of comfort and joy' ???? I recommend it....she helps you make out a time and space for you and find the things you love.....

Read it!!! Its wonderful!!! She recommends keeping a gratitude journal too....each night ina notebook.....or on your blog or anywhere, write down three to five things you are grateful for for that day....perhaps seeing the sunset or a rainbow....a perfect cup of coffee...a certain smile froma changes you....honestly! I love keeping my gratitude journal....


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