Thursday, August 31, 2006

What do you do when it's raining (pouring!!)?????
Boy oh boy, have we had some heavy rain overnight and this morning! Several customers have reported having a very interrupted sleep last night wondering if their home/pets/sheds would be secure in the morning. The rain has stopped as I write this...but the grey skies of summer's end have arrived.
We are a few days off the beginning of another school year and it is upsetting to hear how many families have had a distressing summer with their kids. A lot of moms are on countdown now for the return to the regularity of school lessons. Many appear not to have done much of anything with their kids during the summer....big YAWN. It makes me sad :( Having a childhood full of adventures, trips to the beach, camping, visits to parks/museums etc. it seems some families can't find the resources/means to do much of this. Just ignore me....feeling for both sides actually....parents and kids who've had an uneventful summer.
Our summer included a celebration of our daughter's marriage and the announcement that grandchild no. 4 is "hatching"....not sure if I've mentioned this in a previoius blog entry! It will make for a happy event in about 5 months' time....firstly there is Christmas/New Year celebrations to experience.
Whatever is filling your days at this time....enjoy the closing days of summer and anticipate the smells and colours of autumn. I love autumn and the falling leaves of every hue of greens/yellows/oranges......and the smell.....divine pleasure! :)
I guess on a rainy day I look forward and get on my laptop....think it's called a LAZY DAY.


At 3:47 pm, Blogger Jane said...

I think its sad that so many parents can't wait to 'get rid' of their kids back to school.......although I can't wait for the schools to open because as homeschoolers it means we get the pools and parks back to ourselves again lol!

I think one of the problems with doing things with your children in England is the cost.....I was looking at a trip to Longleat online and it would cost us about $200 to go there for a day!!! Thats insane when we can go to the zoo as a family here in AB for $20 They should do more for 'families' especially larger families in the UK......even swimming costs a lot and ice creams at the park can cost a fortune.....

But yes there are still some free things but often you spend money even going somewhere free.....

I hope I have done a lot with my children this summer....I hope we've created some good memories for the children.....I know for sure we've had fun and I am VERY sad that summer is coming to an end!


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