Thursday, September 07, 2006

What's a woman to do???

My depression is lifting somewhat and I have my regular appointment today with the therapist. I need this appointment! I went to my GP yesterday to get my weight, BP and tablets checked and was very shocked and disappointed to find I had gained a lot of weight since my last appointment (6 wks. ago). Comfort eating and laziness (don't care feelings) seem to go hand in hand with my depression...a very uncomfortable cycle.
I am tired...and sick and tired of feeling like this. I am taking up reading magazines/books that have positive/uplifting suggestions for tackling my depression. I've found a website that I believe will prove helpful to me as well. Wish me luck! This has hung around just too darn much so that I am alternating between feeling sorry for myself and feeling extremely angry that I am not in control.
I am sorry to be so "down" on this blog....I just have to get it out somewhere and this seems as good a place as any to begin. If you find my depression upsets you....sorry, you'll have to give the blog a miss for awhile until my head/heart/actions get it together iyswim.
It's a beautiful, sunny day today and so I'm going out to enjoy it!! Seems a good way to cheer myself up, don't you think?


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