Monday, September 11, 2006

I've been laying low the last few days for no particular reason except not feeling too inspired about writing!

I am being entertained atm by Nick Jr. tv as I have the youngest 2 grandkids here while mommy & Bryn are out at appointments and running errands. I think I've mentioned on my blog previously that their mom & Bryn were married this past summer. Newly married and Bryn taking on 3 young children (what a brave and wonderful fella!) means they don't get much time for just the "two" of them. It's been nice to surprise them by having the 2 grandkids for a few hours. Nana enjoys the company too!
They've been eating a rather varied amount of food since their arrival too....cereal (on arrival), juice/milk, chocolate digestive biscuits and peanut butter/jam sandwiches. Iona-Mae has also polished off an apple inbetween all the rest! Do young children (2.5 yrs. & 4.5 yrs.) have hollow legs I ask myself?????
They are being very good for nana and that's just fine by me. comes Iona with the shape-sorter....needs, til later.....


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