Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Just a short entry. This is a photo taken in May 2006 when I visited my sister in her new surroundings in Vermillion Court, Princeton, B.C.

It was to be our last visit as she took ill the following December and passed away in the Princeton Hospital in January 2007.

I just wanted to honour her memory here on my blog page. She was a most wonderful sister to me....a real friend...and I sure do miss her. Even the ocean couldn't keep us apart and we shared 7 (to our reckoning) visits with her here in the UK. What happy times these visits were for myself and our family.

I promised I would write in my blog about my sister and what we shared together...and I will do that. It needs some consideration and I am a motormouth so I find it difficult to be brief and to the point!

It's going to be fun bringing my memories to life here on my blog hope you're up for it! I'll be having a go over the next few days....see how dedicated I can be to recording these memories.

RIP were a treasure and you live in my heart forever.

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