Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's been quite a day! Dental appointment this morning for a clean and polish/check-up and to have a crown doesn't appear to be sitting very well and regularly "clocks out".....

Then on to see our daughter and 4 grandkids (her hubby was at work thus avoiding all the noise and hub-bub of young family

Do you remember the days when the catalogue arrived at the house?....well it was such a day at their house. The new, just out Argos catalogue. Boy, do kids soon cotton on to browsing the bible...ermm....I mean, catalogue..... Let's just say there will be no problem getting a Christmas list out of the grandkids...they are happy with almost everything in the catalogue!!!!! eeeks!

We all shared a McDonald's lunch, lots of cuddles, a few falls and spats (as kids seem to have) and all in all the two or three hours was quite pleasant actually! :) I guess I'm biased...they are my grandkids after all!

Warm, humid and sunny/overcast here news of any more flooding in the south of the UK, thankfully. Maybe summer will make an appearance after all :)

Off now to make some preparations for dinner....


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