Thursday, August 16, 2007

I have had a lovely couple of days. Yesterday I spent a few hours with the grandchildren and had the absolute joy of having my newest grandson, Nathaniel (7 months) settle and fall asleep while I cuddled him. My memory tells me this is the first time he has ever snuggled down with nana. The remainder of my time was spent "watching" my daughter making a sterling effort to "organize/clear" the mountain of toys which always seems to accumulate in the lounge. Four children (3 boys/1 girl) generate a pile of toys. Just to say......some progress was made....3 strains of the Hallelujah chorus all around :)

Today my hubby and I escaped from our newsagent's business and took a ride to Chester. We did travel through some pretty heavy rainstorms but on arrival in Chester the sun shone :) We had been told there were some very good charity shops to visit (and how we love a good snoop in those places...not that we "need" any more possessions/books etc.). There was a distinct lack of articles we just could not live without...although I did spy in a "regular" furniture shop a most beautiful secretary desk. One minor was on sale, made from Rosewood in a very plain and appealing design....and was reduced to.......(drum roll please)......just under £600. Needless to say I had to leave it in the shop window in Chester :(.

All in's been a really nice two days. Hope all who read this blog find something to smile about too.



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