Friday, April 18, 2008

Nana was babysitting last night! Our daughter, hubby and their youngest son went out for a reunion meal with some friends last evening so nana was babysitter at their home. :)

Despite having the day from hell with my withdrawal from Seroxat (had a bit of a pity party with my w/d symptoms yesterday if I'm honest!)....I made a lovely dinner at home for us (poached salmon fillets, boiled new potatoes, turnip/carrot mashed) and although I was feeling quite teary and overwhelmed, made the journey to look after the grandkids. It helped because I soon got distracted from my crummy feelings/symptoms of w/d and was reading bedtime stories and giving out special "nana" cuddles.

Iona (4 yr. old grandaughter) came down with chickenpox yesterday so nursery is on hold just now. She hasn't many spots but she is out of sorts with her little world. She needed nana cuddles last night and enjoyed a bedtime story all snuggled down in her pretty "princess" bed...joined by her 6 yr. old brother, Matty.

Matty went to his bed after storytime (Dora and the magic princess) only to awake awhile later with screams and flailing about in his bed. I think he is experiencing growing pains in his legs (we went through this with our son at about Matty's same age and the symptoms/behaviour are very similar). This morning he has no recollection of the episode.....I think he needed some special nana cuddles too!

Josh (7 yr. old grandson) was into plea-bargaining last night trying to convince nana that he was a big boy (yes, Josh, nana knows you are BIG and he says...."Sometimes I stay up later until it's almost dark." As if nana was going to fall for that one! (lol) He went up to bed happy and there wasn't another peep out of him.

Nana watched tv and napped until mommy and daddy returned home....tired but happy after their night out (a rare treat for them!).

Roll on Friday.....oh that's today. Family are here for spagbol (vegetarian style) tonight so nana will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen very soon.



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