Sunday, April 20, 2008

This withdrawal thing just doesn't get any's been a rough day!

In an attempt to give me something nice to smile about I've had a go (with daughter Brenda's help....thank you honey...) at dying my hair.

I love it! We chose the colour well...very close to my hair colouring of my ermmm "earlier" years! It isn't a permanent dye so it will wash out after 6-8 washings according to the directions on the packet. It's taken me 7 years to actually bit the bullet and do this!!!

When Brenda was pregnant with her first child (Joshua) I bought my first hair went out of date before I could work up the courage to actually apply it!! Reckoning those years up (Josh was 7 last December)....I can't be accused of rushing the decision! Call me chicken....I can take it!

Even hubby remarked tonight....."I like it!"....coming from hubby (a man of few words, to put it all into perspective) is quite a compliment. I'll take it....only reinforces the fact that this lady is emerging.

I'm doing all I can on the inward and outward of this body I occupy to assist my life's if I could just see some great withdrawal results from this crap called Seroxat, I would be one happy lady.

I've decided to make another appointment with my GP and discuss the situation with her again and I am adopting a course of Omega 3, Vitamin C and Zinc/Magnesium tablets daily as well as the liquid version of my anti-depressant, Seroxat. I am hoping the GP will also work with me as I use the help of a friend who is a homeopathic practitioner. I will get well.....I will get well....I will get well!

And tonight my heart goes out to S, my online friend from Simple Abundance who has had to bid a sad farewell to her much loved kitty Emily. She is sad this night at the loss of her faithful companion and friend of 16 years. RIP Emily.



At 11:38 pm, Blogger Jane said...

enjoy the new hair colour - I change my hair colour every few weeks - this week its dark brown - a couple of weeks ago I was blonde :) I like change and hair is so easy to change and if you don't like it you can change it again :)


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