Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hubby is stressed too! It seems the extra workload is really getting to my poor hubby. I've been on such a roller coaster ride today! We had a lovely few hours out in the sunshine today visiting a neighbouring market town (bought some books in charity shops) and then enjoyed our lunch out in a favourite restaurant.

We got back to the shop and there was no time for hubby to grab a few winks....he had to go down into the shop and put in another 3-hour shift. Cue: feeling so guilty for my inabiity to function in our shop and adding all the extra pressure to his days. :(

Even getting our shop together and sorted and on the market seems too much stress for him and I feel unable to continue (discovered today I will qualify for incapacity benefit during my illness until and if I can return to the shop floor). Sounds like stalemate to me and it is scary.

You could say....I've had enough, I'm tired. What a roller coaster ride this is developing into. I'm 60 this September and hubby is 65 in August....time we closed up shop! God, please make a way where there seems no way (yep, that's a prayer request, please!).



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