Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just have to share this news.....

I've been in touch with the "Activity for Life" programme run in our local Leisure Centre and organized/funded by the NHS. I was referred to that programme last autumn but when my name came up on the list I had to decline due to work commitments and lack of time (I had to commit to 3 session/weekly for 4 months...and I was having to do holiday staff cover through the summer committing was not feasible).

Now I am unable to work in our shop due to my health and have staff I was back in touch with them this morning and I am going for an induction session on 7th May and it looks likely I will be able to join classes beginning in June.

It is something positive to look forward to....and I can't speak highly enough of the NHS programmes which have helped me to understand my eating problems (through the Weight Managment 10-week programme) my depression (through my GP, therapist etc.) and now the Activity for Life. It was so good to not feel a door slammed in my face about these resources and help. Being self-employed means we don't qualify for much else....but the NHS has come through on health issues....much to my relief.



At 2:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The antidepressant will lose its hold on you, and the ptsd will fade away. How do I know these things? I know because you live your life in faith, love, and gratitude, and you have the support of other people every step of the way. You are already in the sunlight, and this makes you strong. -- Lindsay


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