Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today I am grateful for....

* the understanding of my family, my GP, our employees/customers while I am unable to carry out my work responsibilities and I am unable to be depended upon (now I just need the grace to accept that's the way things are for now....)

* the internet friends I've made along the way and the emails, msn chats, jokes and even surprise parcels that appear from time to time

* the tenderness of a loving God and my simplified faith that allows me to drink of his mercy and love

* the discovery of how comforting a cup of earl grey tea can be when the moment seems fraught with anxiety and restlessness and tears

* my adorable grandchildren who are the joy of my life and full of amusement and even some mischievous moments

On difficult days (as the last few have been for me) I find I am prone to think on all that is hurting, complicating, negative, confusing, tearful, emotional draining.....and this blog entry today is my reminder to myself that I am very fortunate indeed for the medical care, friendships and all that is inputing my life right now to help my recovery from Seroxat (anti-depressant) withdrawal and the post-traumatic stress from our robbery. I believe I am held close to God and he knows the end from the beginning....I am blessed.



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