Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm sure feeling more chipper these days :) I've been through a time of depression once again and it seems so strange when it's happening that I can find nothing positive or "happy/joyful" to think about or celebrate. I'm doing my best through therapy to track what triggers there are for those "dark" times and especially finding ways to work through them.

Now that I'm feeling near "normal" again I feel ready to resume life! I'm re-registering for the follow-on courses in my Activity for Life classes, s-l-o-w-l-y getting back into a rhythm of homemaking again (that reads correction.....slowly!).

Maybe, just maybe, the brilliant sunshine that's filling my corner of the world today is one good contributing factor to my feeling especially positive today. Thank God for whatever it is that is bringing me around to old self again. I rather like feeling like me again!


Monday, September 08, 2008

How's this for a little charmer? This our youngest grandson, Nathaniel, posing so cutely for mommy's camera so nana could see him in his lovely sweater.

A friend knit this sweater for Nathaniel when he was a very young baby and as the weather is settling into fall now it was time to dig it out and put it on our little chap.

When I saw this picture I felt as if I could just reach out and pick him up for a loving cuddle...Awww!

He's at home now with mommy as his 3 elder siblings have all gone to school for the full day. I'm wondering if he is going to be missing them much after having them all at home over the summer months.

So mommy and Nathaniel can have some "mommy and Nathaniel time" together. And mommy can get on with her chores at home without 4 little people underfoot. I know she was looking forward to those kind of days after the long, wet summer.

Oh...and Nathaniel is now 21 months old. Time sure flies!