Monday, December 08, 2008

Kiddies' mischief tales...

This little fellow we reckon was busy yesterday when visiting nana and grandpa's house. :) Well I should say, it is a wild guess on our part. Let me explain...

This morning hubby was in our shop downstairs and tried unsuccessfully to use the telephone there. We have the homebase for the shop phone plugged in upstairs .

Hubby (grandpa) worked it out. We think little man here to the right....cute ain't he?...may just have had a little tinker with the on/off wall switch which controls the homebase of our shop phone.

On inspection grandpa discovered both switches on that particular socket had been mysteriously switched off! lol
We reckon it isn't rocket science to work this out. Our little-almost-2-year-old has had a little play with the switches (boys will be boys!! All is fixed now and we've had a chuckle over it he's not in any BIG trouble at all. After all, we didn't actually "see" him do it and he's hardly going to 'fess up now is he?

Love our grandkids to bits and we had a noisy but lovely surprise visit with them yesterday late-afternoon when they called by after a family trip out as a delayed birthday treat for our eldest grandson, Josh....who was 8 years old on 2nd December! He's getting soooooo big. Oh...and the little man above....why that's Nathaniel. Looks a picture of innocence, eh?

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At 10:15 am, Blogger daisy said...

How could you even think such an angel could possibly be guilty of a misdemeanour, little love isnt he?


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