Saturday, December 06, 2008


There often comes a time when my faith in human nature is restored and the last few days it has certainly happened for me. The regular readers of my blog will know that I've ventured into putting up videos on has been an interesting and instructive addition to my days!

The circumstance that has me hanging near to my 'puter, lifting prayers to heaven and taking hold of my thoughts is the story of a YTuber called HAPPYCABBIE.

One of my tags on a forum I frequent says "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!". This lovely man, HappyCabbie, has had some help to get the lemonade recipe...thus my faith in human nature is restored, as I mentioned previously.

In brief...this is a bit on info about this gentle soul. HC has been making the most fantastic models from balloons and posts about it on YouTube. He fell on hard times and was in another part of the USA to his home state and was living in a shelter, making balloon sculptures (very intricately I might add) and sort of "ticking over." Things got tougher and he was involved in a traffic accident a few days ago, found himself miles from his shelter accommodation, injured and in hospital, his few belongings mainly in his now-wrecked car stored in a police compound, in A&E in the hospital with leg and back money, no apparent friends and a hospital who just wanted him out! (His injuries were not serious enough for an extended hospital stay.)

HC was thrust out onto the street once again, somehow managed to find a second hostel for the night and with the help of YT friends who are collecting $$$$$ for him, he hopes to be able to return to Phoenix, Arizona where he can be close to friends & family. The latest word came to us this morning via a YT friend (HC doesn't have internet access at the moment) is that he made it back to his original hostel so is warm, dry and safe. Whew, thank God!

The messages on YT for HC are in the hundreds. He has so captured many hearts and we are all waiting for updates and the word that says he's been able to purchase a bus ticket with the donations and is on his way to Phoenix.

I know this is a long blog entry. I just needed to tell you about HC (I'll post a link or two at the end of this blog entry in case you'd like to find out more or keep up to date on his circumstances). The outpouring of love, prayers and practical help which HC is receiving through an online community (YouTube) has restored my faith in human nature this day.

It reminds me of the upcoming event we will soon celebrate where the Saviour of the World had nowhere to lay his head. I am grateful this day for the response of my fellow YouTubers to HappyCabbie's plight...and to know that at least for now, HC has a shelter where he is warm, dry and safe....and he has a place to lay his head. Keep him in your prayers and give God thanks for people who care.

But for the grace of God, go I. A very sobering thought.

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