Monday, December 15, 2008


This is to let my readers know that HappyCabbie that I have mentioned previously in the last week or so, has relocated to Tampa, Florida. He has a court appearance tomorrow (Monday) to sort out a long overdue parking ticket as the collections made on his behalf via his YT friends have enabled him to pay the costs. This comes as a great relief to him. He is calling this STAGE 1. I'll keep posting of his ongoing rehabiitation back into mainstream living again.

This is a most wonderful piece of news and makes the whole theme of going from DARKNESS to LIGHT (the Advent theme) so powerful to me this year.

I pray he will continue to put down roots in the community of his choice and he tells us he will embark on a job search asap, after this outstanding parking ticket is settled. It is such good news to share with my readers today.



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