Friday, August 15, 2008


Yesterday we picked these blackberries in our "back 40" and I've placed them in our freezer ready for a future blackberry pie.

Our back garden is totally a huge weed patch (we hope to rectify that once we are retired and have the time to devote to developing it for a pleasant, pretty place to relax). So...blackberries grow willy-nilly and in anticipation I have saved them for baking day!

Brings back childhood memories of my mom taking us out during late summer all kitted out in thick shirts, carrying poles (for grabbing branches), sunhats and of course a pail each for collecting the blackberries. Then a mammoth baking and jam-making session would ensue with my mom and an aunt taking over our country kitchen. A lot of the products would find their way to the local church fayre. Believe me they would be hot products for purchase too! Yummy!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

There has been a tragic event in our community.

It really is such a troubled world when these kinds of attacks rear their ugly head.

Homophobia is a curse....and not the other way around that some would have us believe, that homosexuals should be ostrasized and banished to hell. When will our world wake up to the sanctity of life....and the "live and let live" acceptance and love we need to show towards our fellowman.

RIP Michael...and prayers of comfort are extended to his family and friends in our local community here in Whiston.

Friday, August 01, 2008

We're so happy!! :) :)

Those who regularly read my blog will know that our daughter has recently moved to a new city. There were problems getting all the 3 eldest grandkids into the same local school of their choice in their new area.

Well....with relief I can now report that Brenda and Bryn appealed the lack of a place for Matty and today received the news that YEP, he's granted a place in September! Whew!

Oh yes, and on another note...I've been to aerobics yesterday and aquasize class today and feel pretty good about that victory too!

We had a family gathering on Thursday evening at hubby's brother's place and I went rather reluctantly (being rather anti-social just now) and I'm also happy to report that I actually found myself feeling quite relaxed and chattering away with the best of 'em. Please God, let this be a sign I'm back on the road up again! Now that would be such great news.