Friday, August 01, 2008

We're so happy!! :) :)

Those who regularly read my blog will know that our daughter has recently moved to a new city. There were problems getting all the 3 eldest grandkids into the same local school of their choice in their new area.

Well....with relief I can now report that Brenda and Bryn appealed the lack of a place for Matty and today received the news that YEP, he's granted a place in September! Whew!

Oh yes, and on another note...I've been to aerobics yesterday and aquasize class today and feel pretty good about that victory too!

We had a family gathering on Thursday evening at hubby's brother's place and I went rather reluctantly (being rather anti-social just now) and I'm also happy to report that I actually found myself feeling quite relaxed and chattering away with the best of 'em. Please God, let this be a sign I'm back on the road up again! Now that would be such great news.



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