Sunday, July 13, 2008

This was what it looked like last Sunday here in "summery" old northwest England! It was almost flash flood full alert! Thankfully it didn't come to flash floods but it sure was threatening to be another episode like we experienced a few years ago when it rained so hard the drains were literally lifting off the ground and the rainfall was so heavy it washed right into our shop causing some damage. Not this time though...phew! Today though it's a totally different story. It's wonderfully sunny...not hot I hasten to add but nevertheless a very enjoyable day. Been a lovely day too. Made a quick trip to the supermarket and then on to my friend Dorothy's for a nice cup of iced tea and a chinwag. Home again just in time to receive Brenny and family for a visit. The 3 eldest grandchildren stayed with nana while Brenda, Bryn and Nathaniel went to Ikea to scout around for some much needed furniture (a bed for Nathaniel especially) thinking they might find it in the such luck! They'll go back after their move this week as they've selected what they would like to purchase but may as well wait until after the move this Friday.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bake at nana's...

I also had a fun time with Joshua and Iona as they "helped" nana make and bake some chocolate chip cookies. They loved licking the beaters and the bowls but when it came to the finished product....they didn't like them !! :(

This was my second attempt at making cookies for the grandkids in the last month. I had a go at peanut butter cookies and they weren't a hit either. My goodness....I ask my grandkids have any Canadian blood in their veins?? (lol) I wonder if I should try plain sugar cookies?? or maybe...just maybe, forget plying the grandchildren with homemade cookies and succumb to store-bought!

Oh's on to a busy week with Brenda & Bryn's move so I'll help where I can. I'll be back again soon. Happy Sunday readers.


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