Thursday, July 03, 2008

Don't they say the best things in life are worth waiting for....get a load of those hairdo's eh? and what about those hemlines too!

This is me on the left (the bride) and my best friend Ann (my bridesmaid/witness).

We had a few oversights on the day...forgot completely about having music for the service...and...also forgot flowers for my one bridesmaid, Ann.

My stepmom Leah came to the rescue though and made a pretty bouquet picked fresh from her garden! A bit of ribbon added and "Bob's your uncle."

Ann and I have remained friends all these years and it is Ann who I recently shared a great visit with here in the UK when she came to visit us (there are photos elsewhere on my blog of her visit). And thanks to Ann I was able to put these photos up on my blog (I've mentioned elsewhere I have misplaced our small wedding album but she had a few photos in her possession so all was not lost). Thank you Ann....what a friend!


At 9:37 pm, Blogger said...

Thats you!? you look quite hot, ahhemm! sorry. And you blog? I never knew. den


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