Sunday, June 15, 2008

And finally.....I am on a bit of a roll today it seems! (lol)

You may remember I posted a couple of weeks ago about my first Paypal purchase and it has now made its way across the big wide Atlantic ocean, all packaged up very prettily too. Andrea enclosed a lovely lavender bag with her package...a happy surprise! I love lavender.

It now has a special place in my jug display on our dining room wall. I think it looks quite at home there....hope you agree?

I'd certainly recommend Andrea and her website for anyone who enjoys vintage and collectables.



At 5:16 pm, Anonymous Ali said...

Your mugs are lovely Jacquie!


At 7:55 am, Blogger Jacquie said...

Thanks Ali...I've a few more but they are displayed in a cabinet. I love looking out for new jugs as I go around thrift shops especially.

It's a fun interest without being overly expensive...that's the best part! And they look nice too.


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