Sunday, May 25, 2008

In order of friend Ann on the same beach! (as mentioned in my previous blog post), The second photo is Carol and I (we shared the early days of formation and leadership in the establishment of a local women's ministry) taken in the garden behind her lovely home in Borth, North Wales (nr. Aberystwyth). She moved there about 4 yrs. ago and we made a surprise visit to her on our was fun!

And the third photo is my gorgeous princess of a grandaughter, Iona-Mae. She is a delight and clearly enjoys the photo opportunity. She is a proper little girl...loving all things pink/purple and frilly. Her favourite shoes are her Lelly-Kelly's resplendent in sparkly trims! We laughed at her the other day. She had nana's camera and was taking some photos of her brothers in our home. We overheard her to say to her brother....."Matty....stop fooling around (Matty is the clown of the family....)....oh I am so proud of you." We all cracked up with stifled laughter!

I will now have to find some photos of our grandsons to complete the family brag!



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