Sunday, May 25, 2008

This is me on the beach in Wales. I have a second photo of Ann but will need to publish that in the next post! Oh how I would enjoy not being so computer-challenged! (lol)

I have heard back from Ann to say she has returned home safely and is travel and time worn but had a happy reception from her hubby. It's always good to return home after such a fantastic holiday.

It seems an eon ago already that we visited so many wonderful places and shared so many laughs. Isn't life so was only yesterday that I bid her farewell at the airport and I've only had one night's sleep since....and it feels such a long time since I've seen Ann!

I had a visit from the grandchildren yesterday and my grandaughter asked where my friend was...awww! She spent a lot of happy minutes having colouring competitions with Ann...they had a whole routine all worked out. It was a "Ready, steady, go" kind of competition. Iona, being four is still into "fast" scribbling colouring and Ann is the "perfection" type of colourer (just like me!) so of course Iona always "won."

I have so enjoyed the last two weeks and now my home beckons for retrieval from all the dust bunnies! I have still to finish putting away all our belongings in our newly refurbished bathroom. It was completed just the day before Ann arrived so I still have some work to do on that room. And there are redecorating projects galore! I'm going to be kept out of mischief for some time.

And the garden....well, that's just an awful jumble of huge weeds (how can they grow so fast in just two weeks!!!). That needs total revamp....and then there's the garage that needs sorting.....I think you get the picture! (lol)

It's a beautiful day....lovely sunshine and a gentle breeze. I feel so good! Long may it last.


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