Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This photo was taken in my daughter's front garden about a month ago. I am rather fond of it and thought I'd publish it here on my blog...just so it's an update on the photos of yesterday (of my graduation 42 years ago). My goodness time certainly does move on.

We are having some lovely days recently. The weather remains pleasantly warm, although I sense we may be getting some rain in the not too distant days. There are a few clouds coming in this afternoon and I am sure I felt a very few raindrops as I came back to my car this morning at the local supermarket...none falling at the moment though!

I went this morning for an introduction session for "Activity for Life" and heard about the various sessions offered to us and also had opportunity to hear and talk to others who were just finishing the 12-week session. They were all presented with certificates and spoke glowingly of their various improvements and accomplishments with health and mobility. I am very much looking forward to my sessions which will begin in just over a week's time. I can attend 3 or more sessions weekly and it's all free...provided by the NHS (the NHS does take some stick for what they fall down on, but I can't fault them for this particular offering, nor for the Weight Management classes which I've been attending).

Well, guess that wraps it up for today.


At 3:59 pm, Anonymous Karla Neese said...

I'm so proud of you for stepping out and going to that introduction. I hope you do the sessions and enjoy them. I think it's important to never stop learning!


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