Friday, May 30, 2008

The Buffet Table
The Fairy Muffin Cakes

Well, it was quite a busy day yesterday....and today I am resting from my labours! The evening went well and we all enjoyed the commotion and visits....despite seating being just a tad cramped in our little flat. We survived by sharing the guests between the lounge and dining room so it all worked out just fine!

This was a most wonderful outcome for me after so many years of wondering if I'd ever again feel well enough to cater to a large-ish gathering. I am so very pleased that there were no anxious moments in executing the fact I found it all quite enjoyable, if a little tiring. I am chuffed to bits to know I've got "me" back again!

Not bragging at all you understand! (hehe)

It was also great that our friends Den & Sha could at last meet Brenda's hubby Bryn and be introduced to the 17 month old son they've also had. They're now a family of Brenda, Bryn, Josh, Matty, Iona-Mae and Nathaniel. They are a lively, lovely bunch....again, not bragging at all (blush)....just fabulous grandkids of course.

So the weekend is almost upon us....I've got some more potato salad and coleslaw to make for a family friend who also enjoy my homecooking and want some goodies for the birthday party for their little man "Luke."


At 10:57 am, Anonymous Alison said...

Looks yummy Jacquie!

Ali aka Housebug

At 4:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I'm very hungry! That all looks delicious! I can't wait to make the muffins.


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