Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anybody know a good cure for sciatica? Yuk! I am keeping up with my Activity for Life and I'm enjoying it, despite the bad back. I am a little mystified with all the machines and the instructor was really put to the test keeping a straight face when I was wheeling backwards on one of the machines (and I didn't know either....just kept telling her it was sure hard peddling!...lol). It's been easier since I've been peddling forward!

So I've been to aquasize and the various machines have been used, been to some gentle aerobics in the gym and tomorrow I get to try tai-chi. I'm very curious about that so I'll see if I'm balanced and co-ordinated enough for that.

Have you ever noticed in a class situation (where there is a mirror for observing yours and others' movements) at how inept men are with co-ordination. Really was quite entertaining. Many of the exercises involved foot/leg moves and arms all at the same time....I'll just say it was a hoot to see in the mirror a gaggle of struggling, unco-ordinated men oblivious to it all! On the other hand I mustn't get too cocky about it....bet they were thinking the same about me on those darn machines! (lol)

I'm struggling with the healthy eating still....someone send me some healthy eating vibes.....quick!

Our daughter and her family are preparing a house move nearer to her hubby's work so it's full steam ahead packing up "tons" of toys and other household stuff. With the family now at 4 children it is so necessary to have a 4 bedroom house...so they're Manchester bound in about 3 weeks' time, if all goes according to their schedule.

I did make one revealing discovery tonight. We decided on takeaway tonight and hubby asked for KFC. We used to eat it quite a lot but with my healthy eating plan we've been avoiding that kind of fatty food. Anyhow I got some tonight and I have to say.....I didn't enjoy it! So I guess something has stuck with me through my change of diet. (smiles broadly)

Onwards and upwards....

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At 9:26 pm, Blogger Kentishmaid said...

Jacquie I am glad to see that you are really getting stuck into the exercise programme- bound to be a few aches and pains at first, but good for you to keep going. I recommend lots of hot baths with lavender oil in the lovely new bathroom of yours !!

At 7:53 am, Blogger Jacquie said...

Thank you Frances....I have just the thing too....lavender oil (purchased just prior to our new bathroom re-fit in anticipation!).

I'll follow through on your suggestion. I also had a friend suggest a heating pad and I used that last night and now have some relief. Whew!


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