Tuesday, July 01, 2008

37 yrs. married today!


Happy Canada Day to all my friends & family in Canada.

If I manage to locate it (!!) I'll post a photo of our wedding day. It was a warm, sunny day, much like it is today and my memories of the day are still fairly fresh in my mind and heart. It was a small affair, I wore a short peach dress with a lace bodice and carried a posy of red and white flowers.

Our witnesses were our good friends Ann & Tom and invited guests numbered a small crowd of about 10 or 12. I do remember my married cousin turning up with his wife and children (on their way to the beach complete with pails and shovels, sun hats and shorts and clanged their way through the service...lol).

My boss, an ordained minister, conducted our ceremony at the childhood church I attended on Bowen Island. Oh and we totally forgot to arrange any music for the ceremony and as there was only a pump organ in the little country church we had to make do without.

My dad and stepmom arranged a small reception at our Bowen Island home with bbq'd salmon (yum, yum) and I remember my stepmom and I made the fruit wedding cake and iced it. We didn't realize you had to coat the cake with marzipan before icing it so the dark colouring from the cake showed through...no mistaking it for a homemade cake. Being in the 70's our cake topper was a garland of flowers with the peace symbol hanging from a circle. Peace was a hot topic then with the Vietnam war in full swing.

Well 37 yrs. down the line, 2 lovely kids and 4 grandkids later, we're now so laid back about all the anniversary celebrations that we almost forgot the exchange of cards! (lol) But we've not completely lost the plot...we did remember to wish each other a happy day and have a little smooch.

We have a very small wedding album of snapshots and I know it is in the house somewhere (one day I will get organized!!) but today, of all days, it seems to have gone AWOL...and it's less than a month since I last was looking at it. If it's found soon....then I'll post a piccie.

So....37 years....here's to 38!


At 6:11 pm, Anonymous Ali said...

Happy Anniversary you two!

Ali x


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