Friday, July 18, 2008


Oh Nana, this moving lark is sure hard on the ol' fella!

This photo was taken last week at Brenda's when Nathanial was just plumb tuckered out from all that packing. One minute he was chattering away to nana and then all went silent and this was the end product! Awwwww!

Poor Nathaniel was shattered...and as the days have gone on (today is MOVING DAY for the Jones' family) things have got a heck of a lot busier.

Now if this darn rain would just cease the day would be a lot easier to face. It's 6.35am here at our home as I write this blog entry and I'll soon be dressed and on my way over to Brenda's to help in whatever way I can. The movers are due at 9.30am and the day will be interspersed with leaving ceremony for Iona (moves up from nursery...and they call it "Graduation") and the two eldest boys finishing school at 2pm today...then school is out for the summer holidays. This will be their last day in Prescot County Primary and they'll move on in September to their new school in Cheadle, Manchester.'s to a good move and assembled beds at the other end so everyone can rest their weary bones after the move.



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